we believe

  • The Bible alone is the Word of God, without error and completely reliable. 
  • There is one God in three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), co-equal, co-eternal, and worthy of worship. 
  • God is the creator of everything and He rules over all. 
  • People are made in the image of God and are of infinite worth and value to Him. 
  • All people are separated from God by their sins, being sinners by nature and choice. 
  • Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God, fully human and fully God; God in the flesh. 
  • Jesus lived the life that we should live, but can't--a life of perfect obedience to God. 
  • Jesus died the death we deserve to die--absorbing God's holy wrath as the substitute for sinful humanity--and rose again. 
  • Salvation is a gift, by God's grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. 
  • The Holy Spirit lives in and through believers of Christ, empowering them to live holy lives in service to Him. 
  • The local church is God's plan for carrying out His redemptive work in the world, displaying His wisdom and bringing Him glory. 
  • Jesus is coming back again some day to judge all people on the basis of what they've done. 
  • All people will spend eternity somewhere, either with God in His glory or experiencing His wrath in Hell.

A Brief history

Founded in 1955, Ridgecrest has met in three locations: a member’s home (1955), a building near at the corner of I-70 and Highway 94 (1955-2008), and our current location (2008-present). We called four pastors and one interim pastor during the first 18 years. Then in 1973, Pat Campbell was called as pastor and led the church for 40 years until his retirement in 2013. Pastor Neal VanNatta began his ministry with us in 2017, and we are excited about God's purpose for our church! 

      You see, Ridgecrest has a heart for sharing God's love. Early on we were privileged to help three sister churches begin in St. Charles County: Orchard Farm Baptist (1968), Cave Springs Baptist (1973) and Bethesda Baptist (1986). More recently, since 2006, we implemented an Acts 1:8 strategy to missions. Now, we are focused simultaneously on local, national, and overseas missions, and our current partnerships extend from St. Charles to the ends of the earth!