Ridgecrest Midweek activities

No dinner at this time.

Bible Studies and kid's activities begin at 6pm

Sign up for our studies on the provided link for each study or HERE

Ladies' study

Beginning March 6th- May 22nd @6pm.
No class March 20
Cost is $10/book

See What God Will Do When You Trust Him
Can trusting God change the world? Ruth and Esther, two young women who lived 600 years apart, would both say Yes. Living in dark days, ruled by oppressive regimes, their small but significant faithfulness would play a decisive role in God’s bigger plan. Ruth chose to leave her family, face hardship, and trust God, without knowing what would happen to her. Esther chose to risk her life, confront the king, and trust God, even if it cost her her life. Today, their stories still inspire believers to see what God will do when they trust Him.

General Bible Study

Join us for Wednesday Night Prayer and Bible Study at 6pm in room 204.  

student ministry

Beginning at 6pm, students grades 7th through 12th, meet in The Loft.  Click HERE for more info on our student ministry.


We have activities for children ages 6 weeks to 6th grade.  All activities begin at 6pm on Wednesday.  Preschool is located on the first floor and K-6th is located on the second floor.  Click HERE for more information on our kid's ministry.