Breaker Rock beach

vacation Bible school\

June 23-27

5:45 PM - 8:45 PM

Breaker Rock Beach...God's rock-solid truth in a world of shifting sands.  Every day is an adventure at Breaker Rock Beach as the waves come crashing against the shores.  Each evening we will begin Breaker Rock Beach at the worship rally and rotate to the Bible study at Sandcastle Cove, Tide Pool Crafts, Orca Music, Ship Rec, Bonfire Missions and of course Sea Lion Snacks.  Race along the sand, make sandcastles with friends or gaze in the mysteries found in the tide pool.  As the crowds come and go and the tides ebb and flow, Breaker Rock rises majestically as a symbol of strength, standing firm against the wind and the waves.  

Volunteer for

vacation Bible school

There is a place to volunteer for everyone!  Be a part of this exciting week at Ridgecrest.  If you have any questions at all please see Wendy Helton!

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