LIFE together

At Ridgecrest, we value our church family. So each Sunday, LIFE Groups meet to study, pray and interact. Every group is unique, with it's own emphasis, tone and flavor. Some at Ridgecrest have had the same LIFE group for a decade; others mix it up a bit more often. However you choose to engage, we do hope you'll come expecting to pursue LIFE together. Groups are available at 9am & 10:30am on Sundays.

9 am life groups

Get_Connected_-_LIFE_GroupsONE9am.pdfDavis' Life Group led by Barb Davis

Merriman Life Group led by Paul Merriman

Barter's Life Group led by Gerry Barter

McLain's Life Group led by Alex McLain

E. Cantley's Life Group led by Eric Cantley

Mobley Life Group led by Mike Mobley

Hood's Life Group led by Rich Hood

Ball's Life Group led by Phil Ball

Fagan's Life Group led by Judy Fagan

New Comer's led by Pastor

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5:00 PM Sunday LIFE Group

College age men and women welcome to learn and grow in the Word.  Led by Josh Harbison.  Meeting in Holy Grounds.