Music & Worship ministry

Hearts worship God. So our choir, band and technical teams are skilled most in loving God. And they're pretty good at music, too! Are you interested in bringing your heart and joining a team? You've come to the right place. Read on to find out more about Music & Worship Ministry at Ridgecrest.

Worship choir

Everyday people. That's who you see each Sunday standing on stage, leading others in


Everyday people. That's who gathers each Wednesday night at 6:00 PM or Sunday night at

5:00 PM to sing, laugh, and grow together as a community of worshipers.

Everyday people. That's all you need to be to join the Worship Choir.

No music degree, no try outs, no vocal acrobatics. Just a heart of worship for the everlasting God.

Psalm 92:1-2 says,

“It is good to praise the Lord, to sing praise to Your name, Most High, to declare Your faithful love in the morning and Your faithfulness at night.”

Join us for rehearsal!

Wednesdays at 6:00 PM, or Sundays at 5:00pm

in the Choir Room (room #103).

Praise Band

The Praise Band leads worship in weekend worship services and special events throughout the year. We love when musicians with a heart for worship join us!

This ministry does require a certain degree of experience and proficiency to participate. We would love to talk with you if you enjoy making high-quality music for the Lord.

Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7:35pm and Sound Check each Sunday morning at 8am.

Music at Ridgecrest

Here is a little taste of our music at Ridgecrest. This is our Worship Choir singing

"There is Power in the Blood"!


Virtual choir 2

We presented this on May 17, 2020 along with our Praise Band and Praise Team. We were excited to Record 42 singers and syncing it with our Live Worship Team for a meaningful moment of worship, while our choir is unable to sing in person.


Virtual choir

The Cover-19 Pandemic led us to get a little bit creative in how we could continue to minister together as a team. We decided to do a virtual choir using the song "Open Up the Heavens". Forty-four singers recorded themselves singing in their different locations to come together to form one choir singing praise to Jesus Christ. We presented this video for Easter services on April 12, 2020.


How to record your virtual Choir video

EVERYONE is invited to participate! Adults, Kids, Husbands, Wives...

Please submit your video no later than May 1st.

On your specific guide track there is a countdown which includes a clap. This clap is important because it will help us line up the video.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT HOW YOU SOUND! We promise, no one will be embarrassed or too loud!

If you have problems, we will work through this together. I PROMISE.

  • You will need:

    1. something to play your vocal guide track through Planning Center Services. This could be a computer, tablet or phone. 
    2. something to record yourself (computer, tablet or phone). 
    3. You will also need headphones or earbuds (this is so we don't record the guide music... we only want to hear your voice and see your face on the recording. The picture demonstrates how you should look in the camera as you are recording. If you use your phone or tablet, please hold it horizontally.
    4. a copy of the music either printed or on your computer or phone (unless you have it memorized).
    5. pay attention to your lighting.  You want more light in front of you than behind you. You might want to face a window for natural light.
    6. Once you're ready to go, hit record on your recording device first, then hit play on the playback device. When prompted, clap your hands once! Give us a BIG CLAP... and sing!
    *NOTE: If you use a computer you may be able to use the same device to playback and record.
  • Demonstration Video

    Here is Chris providing a demonstration for how you can video yourself for the Virtual Choir. Click on the "DEMONSTRATION VIDEO"  to play. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to email:

  • How do i get the video file to you?

    I'm so glad you asked. Once you have finished, save your video (if you're using a computer), then click the "CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR VIDEO" link to upload and send!

  • 07-01-2020 Choir Rehearsal Live stream