Connections And Administration Minister

Full-time (Salary: Starting $50,000 plus package)

The role of the Connections and Administration Minister is to oversee the connection and spiritual growth of Ridgecrest Baptist Church under the direction and leadership of the Lead Minister. The Connections and Administration Minister will lead guests to a genuine sense of belonging, involvement, and spiritual growth at Ridgecrest. This can be accomplished by meeting people where they are and leading them into what is next for them. The Connections and Administration Minister will facilitate relational connection and spiritual growth of adults through guest services, groups, volunteer teams, and assimilation of new members.

The Connections and Administration Minister will be responsible for two major areas:

1) Connections (Assimilation)

  • Responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing Life Groups and Small Groups in the church.
  • Assist Life Group and Small Group teachers with the curriculum they need to minister to their groups.
  • Encouraging groups to adopt the biblical mandate: disciples are called to make disciples (discipleship/evangelism).
  • Implementing a leadership development strategy to identify, recruit, train, develop and coach small group leaders.
  • Develop a strategy to transition newcomers from: 1st – visiting, 2nd – participating, and 3rd – serving.

  • Assist and train our First Impressions ministry as they seek to welcome, direct, and guide newcomers to our church.
  • Maintain up-to-date information for our Get Connected Center Wall.
  • Keep signage current and focused on new guests.
  • Assess, create, and implement follow-up methods to ensure that guests are plugged into Ridgecrest.

2) Administration (Leadership/Office oversight)

  • Responsible for the oversight and management of the day-to-day operations of the church, including supervisory responsibilities for all non-ministerial staff (one administrative assistant, one bookkeeper/administrative assistant, and one full-time custodian).
  • Work with the Church Treasurer in maintaining the day to day operations of the church bookkeeping as described in the "Church Financial Procedure".
  • Maintain and oversee the accurate recording of giving records, church
    deposits, and the maintenance of the financial record.
    Work with the Treasurer and Finance Committee in an annual audit of the bookkeeping and evaluation of the "Church Financial Procedure".
  • Liaison to the Trustees at regular meetings.
  • Strongly prefer great working knowledge of technology.
  • Be able to learn and teach new software programs to help assist with the continual growth of Ridgecrest.


  • A passion for Christ and the ministry that God has called you to
  • Affirmation of the Baptist Faith and Message 2000
  • Agreement with the vision of Ridgecrest: Worship the One true God, Grow in our understanding of His Word, and Share the love of Christ with the people that God places in our paths
  • A minimum of a BS or BA degree from an accredited College/University
  • A Master’s degree from a Theological Seminary or an MBA is a bonus
  • Prior ministry experience preferred
  • Participation and familiarity with educational and discipleship ministries
  • Demonstrated experience in leadership, planning, and administration
  • Excellent organizational and people skills
  • Adept in promoting, enlisting, mentoring, and team building skills
  • Fulfill all other duties as assigned by the pastor

If you would like to apply, please email us your resume at:

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

St. Charles MO, 63303